Nov 18, 2009

Stars (III)

" Why the stars twinkle? " Really annoying, why the children always ask such questions? More than this. They will also ask you why the sun will rise from the east and sink to the west, the rain will fall, the wind will blow, the flowers will blossom, the grass will grow. A series of such questions, not merely annoying, but make you angry. The stars do twinkle, what makes you feel so special, so strange?

" Why the stars twinkle? " I had asked such question before as I had been a child before. However, I do not know starting from which day, or from which moment, I have already grown up, and is no longer a child, and no longer ask such question again. I won't feel that stars twinkle are anything speical, anything strange, because now I understand all and I have all the answers. Perhaps I would say I believe as is.

"Why the stars twinkle?" Actually the stars cannot twinkle, because when their light reach to the earth planet, through various densities of the atmosphere, there will occur flashing phenomenon when we watch with our naked eyes.

The children listened attentively, and seem like the scales fell from their eyes, but suddenly they will ask with suspicion again and show a face of mystery, "So, why......? "

Look up at the night sky filled with uncountable twinkled stars, the answers no longer appeared in my mind but a question, "Why the stars twinkle?

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