Jan 10, 2010

Cloud ( I )

'Look, this looks like a fish!'

'No, I say it looks like a rabbit, the ears are still moving now!'

When I was small, I loved to look at the sky for watching clouds.Even children with unrestrained imagination cannot find enough imagination to describe the pieces of white clouds that change in thousands shapes. Children chatting with each other about the clouds and more than half day have been passed.

Of course, the cloud is neither a fish, nor a rabbit, of course no ears. But what has so important there?The important point is the view has just took my breath away, and makes me stunned and I cannot control myself not seeing it.

Do not know starting from what time the scene of nature seems to be going on track more and more, everything all around are getting more and more normal.Nothing comes as a surprise, and nothing comes as special. Even there is something which really surprised me,I would merely say: " Why make a fuss."

Cloud is still changing, sometimes it looks like a fish and sometimes it looks like a rabbit, and also the ears can move sometimes, but now I no longer see these anymore.Is this really called grow up?

Dec 31, 2009

Wind ( III )

Jesus use wind as analogy for the work of Holy spirit; it has quite a very deep meaning. Wind has no traces when it comes and goes. People cannot fully understand the reasons behind, but these are the experiences of both you and I.

Remembering that when I was in the elementary school, I've read the follow, "Wind blows is the result of air movement." No matter how many forms of winds are there, wind basically is the air.

One church fellowmate asked me, "Why does God has to play hide-and-seek with people? Why does He not communicate with people in a more specific, more realistic way, so that we can beleive Him in a easier way."

I think he has spoken the same thoughts of many brothers and sisters. However, our lives, our actions and our presence, are not all inside Him? If someone feels the wind blowing towards our face is not so specific, the air we breath in every minute is not real, what other better ways does God still has?

Dec 18, 2009

Wind ( II )

During summer time there are always typhoons for several days. When typhoon is hoisted, everyone anxiously pay attention to the direction of typhoon. In fact, what we can do is only waiting; waiting for typhoon to past.

The summer is very hot when there is no typhoon. Today, we have electric fans and air conditioners, hence the problem is not so big. In my childhood's time, we enjoy to relax in the cool of evening. After dinner, in the nearby open space, adults chat and kids play.In fact, we are enjoying the breeze; actually it is waiting, waiting for the wind to come.

God is like the wind, that kind of freedom, that kind which is beyond our imagination. When we face Him, what we can do is also waiting; waiting with full of desire, hope and openness. We beleived that God will do as he promised and have his word.

Dec 10, 2009

Wind ( I )

There are days with heavy rains and thunder storms, but also has the days that are calm and with gentle breeze. Wind, makes people filled with terror while it roars; wind, pass gently and swiftly so that no one have ever noticed. Wind is so hard to catch and unpredictable.

It happened the same in Mt. Sinai, while God revealed himself to the Israelites, a strong and heavy wind was rending the mountains and crushing the rocks. When God revealed to Prophet Elijah ,wind was only tiny whispering sound. God is so elusive, unpredictable.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways." (Isaiah 55:8) Human with their own intellect know that God do exist, but people find it difficult to understand Him, we only know when He tell us. " The only Son, God, who is at the Father's side, has revealed Him" (John 1:18)

In front of the Lord Jesus, the wind subsided.

Nov 25, 2009

Stars (IV)

The most famous star in the history is the one which led the Magi to find our Savior, Jesus Christ. Although we say it is the most famous, but actually no one knows what kind of star it is, and its name. Someone may guess it may be a comet; when it came near to the earth and produced a special effect, and sent out bright shiny glory light. Perhaps this may be true.

However, I think that the Christians should also act as that star, guiding people to look for the Savior.They do not care about their own status or their fame, but are only proud of to be a Christian.

Obviously, St. Paul absolutely agreed with me, he talked to the faithful, "among whom you shine like lights in the world." ( Philippians 2:15)

Nov 18, 2009

Stars (III)

" Why the stars twinkle? " Really annoying, why the children always ask such questions? More than this. They will also ask you why the sun will rise from the east and sink to the west, the rain will fall, the wind will blow, the flowers will blossom, the grass will grow. A series of such questions, not merely annoying, but make you angry. The stars do twinkle, what makes you feel so special, so strange?

" Why the stars twinkle? " I had asked such question before as I had been a child before. However, I do not know starting from which day, or from which moment, I have already grown up, and is no longer a child, and no longer ask such question again. I won't feel that stars twinkle are anything speical, anything strange, because now I understand all and I have all the answers. Perhaps I would say I believe as is.

"Why the stars twinkle?" Actually the stars cannot twinkle, because when their light reach to the earth planet, through various densities of the atmosphere, there will occur flashing phenomenon when we watch with our naked eyes.

The children listened attentively, and seem like the scales fell from their eyes, but suddenly they will ask with suspicion again and show a face of mystery, "So, why......? "

Look up at the night sky filled with uncountable twinkled stars, the answers no longer appeared in my mind but a question, "Why the stars twinkle?