Jan 10, 2010

Cloud ( I )

'Look, this looks like a fish!'

'No, I say it looks like a rabbit, the ears are still moving now!'

When I was small, I loved to look at the sky for watching clouds.Even children with unrestrained imagination cannot find enough imagination to describe the pieces of white clouds that change in thousands shapes. Children chatting with each other about the clouds and more than half day have been passed.

Of course, the cloud is neither a fish, nor a rabbit, of course no ears. But what has so important there?The important point is the view has just took my breath away, and makes me stunned and I cannot control myself not seeing it.

Do not know starting from what time the scene of nature seems to be going on track more and more, everything all around are getting more and more normal.Nothing comes as a surprise, and nothing comes as special. Even there is something which really surprised me,I would merely say: " Why make a fuss."

Cloud is still changing, sometimes it looks like a fish and sometimes it looks like a rabbit, and also the ears can move sometimes, but now I no longer see these anymore.Is this really called grow up?


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