Dec 18, 2009

Wind ( II )

During summer time there are always typhoons for several days. When typhoon is hoisted, everyone anxiously pay attention to the direction of typhoon. In fact, what we can do is only waiting; waiting for typhoon to past.

The summer is very hot when there is no typhoon. Today, we have electric fans and air conditioners, hence the problem is not so big. In my childhood's time, we enjoy to relax in the cool of evening. After dinner, in the nearby open space, adults chat and kids play.In fact, we are enjoying the breeze; actually it is waiting, waiting for the wind to come.

God is like the wind, that kind of freedom, that kind which is beyond our imagination. When we face Him, what we can do is also waiting; waiting with full of desire, hope and openness. We beleived that God will do as he promised and have his word.

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